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Simplified Digital and Contactless Solution For Hotels & Restaurants

Onemenu provides the best solutions for guest and staff management. We automate operations and help you with contactless and contact light services without any capital expenditure.


Contact Light Automated Services For Awesome Guest Experience

OneMenu is your go-to solution for convenient web check-in, check-out, contactless ordering, access to personalized offers, enriched stay experience and much more.


Guest App

Staying at the hotel is smooth & safe with web check-in, check-out and online ordering for services.

Web check-in & check-out

Contactless ordering

Enhanced guest experience

Find Local Attractions

Guest trip Assistance

Pre-booking and Reservations


Web Application

Managing operations and providing an enriching guest experience is just a click away.

Automated Operations

Reduced Operational Cost

Increased In-room Earnings

Feedback Management

Upsell Hotel Amenities

Contact Light Services

Why OneMenu?


Personalized Hotel App

We give you the key to perfect hospitality solutions for enhanced guest experience with a personalised hotel app that suits all your needs.

No system or software hinderance

We provide AI solutions to sync in with your system and software without hampering the existing model.

Easy Adoption to any operational mode

We have adapted to various hotel operations and management models, and understand your style of working and serving guests.

Training and on-boarding within 3 working days

Our easy to understand training videos for staff and managers helps in escalating the on-boarding process to just 3 working days.

Need of the hour

Our survey says that 82% of guests would love to opt for a hotel with a guest mobile app, especially post COVID 19.

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